Tom Hanks' Broadway debut in Lucky Guy has been in previews for a few weeks, but it officially opens to the public April 1.

The play, by Hanks' late friend Nora Ephron, is about the 1980s New York Daily News columnist Mike McAlary, who unlike Hanks (or at least his public image) was kind of an asshole.

"It's hugely important to the play that you buy Tom as a not-likeable guy, and I think he's pulling it off. Tom has really put vanity aside here. I think he also feels a responsibility to Nora to get it right," his costar Maura Tierney said.

Ephron passed away last June, just after they began work on the play. "We had, quite frankly, steeled ourselves for [Ephron’s] absence. There’s no other way of putting it. In many ways, I hear Nora’s voice and think of her in the present tense," Hanks said.

Despite a decades-long career, Hanks has never performed on Broadway, though he did theater work in his early acting days. "I wasn’t quite prepared for how—I don’t want to sound like a dope saying this—but how fun it is. It’s not the chore that one expected," he said. "The total involvement, the plunge in the pool of effort, man, it’s bracing."

The Lucky Guy opens April 1 at the Broadhurst Theatre.

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[via Vulture]