Get ready to fear Frodo Baggins. Kicking the evilness he briefly displayed in Sin City into maximum overdrive, Elijah Wood is the star of what's sure to be one of the year's best horror films, Maniac. (Trust us, we've seen it already.) And now it has an official release date: June 21.

Directed by Franck Khalfoun and produced/co-written by Alexandre Aja (whose directing credits include 2006's The Hills Have Eyes remake and 2009's Piranha 3D), the IFC Films-backed remake of the 1980 cult favorite of the same name finds Wood playing a disturbed mannequin restorer whose preferred extracurricular activity is stalking women and removing their scalps. His already messed-up world gets even more complicated when he befriends a beautiful, warm-hearted photographer (Nora Arzeneder). Trust us, though: There's no meet-cute here.

The IFC Midnight release plan will unveil Wood's darkest hour in select theaters and through iTunes, cable VOD, Amazon Instant Video,, and the Xbox and Playstation.

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[via Fangoria]