Oberlin College suspended classes and "non-essential activities" for the day after someone wearing "KKK regalia" was seen near the African Heritage House on the Ohio school's campus. There have been several racially-charged incidents on Oberlin's campus over the past month, starting with someone changing the word "black" to "nigger" on a Black History Month poster (second image) back on Feb. 9.

The Oberlin Review compiled a list of incidents, highlighting the weekend of Feb. 16 as a particularly horrible one: 

Feb. 16; Students found a number of offensive notes written around Burton Hall. "Whites Only" was written above a water fountain, "Nigger Oven" was written inside the elevator and "No Niggers" was written on a bathroom door.

Feb. 17; The Office of Safety and Security released a Special Alert of a strong-arm robbery of a student near West College Street and Cedar Street. The student reported that he was approached by an individual who made a derogatory remark about his perceived ethnicity and then physically knocked him to the ground.

Gawker is now reporting that someone with access to the faculty mailing list said that faculty members were informed that an investigation of the latest incident was halted because the person responsible was from the school's Multicultural Resource Center and would be disciplined internally.

Their source also believes the incident is related to Oberlin's "no trespass list," made up of alumni and "townies" who have been banned from the campus. Though Oberlin has denied the existence of such a list, the Oberlin Police Department leaked it to a local newspaper, infuriating the school.

The list reportedly contains several "successful and well-connected" alumni.

[via Gawker]

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