According to police in Fairfield, NJ, a man who impersonated an officer and forced a woman to have sex with him is in custody. To add another layer to the story, the man is a registered sex offender. Joseph Lipham allegedly met the woman at a LaQuinta Inn and identified himself as an officer earlier this week. According to local police, Lipham "is believed to have told the victim he was going to arrest her unless she had sexual relations with him."

The victim did as she was told, but informed an associate who happened to be in the parking lot and was able to get Lipham's license plate number. Lipham served time in prison for an attempted sexual assault that took place back in 2002. He was accused of forcing his way into the home of his girlfriend's friend and trying to force himself on her.

He's currently being held on $100,000 bail.

[via Gothamist]