Valentine's Day is almost here, and you're almost ready. All you're missing is the dinner reservation, the fairy that will magically erase a year's worth of neglect, and most importantly, her gift.

Unfortunately, presents leave a lot of room for miscommunication. Even if you intend to show her how smitten you are, what's beneath the wrapping paper can trigger disappointment. Or, perhaps you're on the other side of the fence: She's a fling you're taking out solely to score that prix-fixe deal, and suddenly she's seeing your future in bright lights.

Luckily, Complex is here to get you through this confusing time. We've gathered the most common Valentine's Day gifts, and broken down what she'll surmise of each. Will your "Ultimate D'Angelo" mix lay it on a little too thick? Is it worth it to drop dough on a dozen roses?

We cover it all here: Your Valentine's Day Gift, Decoded. 

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