Stephenie Meyer may have cursed (or blessed, depending on your point of view) the world with the Twilight franchise, but she's back only months after Breaking Dawn: Part Two. Her book The Host came out in 2008, and we're honestly surprised it took this long for a film adaptation, if only because it's Meyer. 

It's apparently meant to be an adult (not teen/YA) sci-fi novel, but the characters are generally still pretty young, and its biggest fans are/will probably be people coming back for more Twilight action, if only in spirit.

Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie, whose body gets inhabited by an alien named "Wanderer." In the world of The Host, Earth is invaded by an alien race of body-snatchers (essentially) who take over humans' bodys and "erase" the person inside. Diane Kruger also stars as one of the aliens. Or alien-inhabited humans.

Meyer says she is planning on making it a trilogy, though she hasn't written the next two books yet. The Host is set to premiere March 29.

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[via Digital Spy]