Appears In: He Got Game (1998)

It's amazing to think that 15 years have passed since Ray Allen made his acting debut in Spike Lee's He Got Game. Allen plays Jesus Shuttlesworth, the top high school basketball recruit in the country, who attends the same Brooklyn high school as Stephon Marbury. While Shuttlesworth became a prodigy, his father Jake (Denzel Washington) was doing hard time in Attica for accidentally killing Jesus' mother. Based on his son's potential, the governor temporarily grants Jake's release so that he can persuade Jesus to attend the governor's alma mater, "Big State."

Big State is really only cool because of its association with Tech U, another school Jesus is considering. During his campus visit, he's hosted by the very old Rick Fox (whose Tech U shirt is tucked into his pants). He's swayed by an impressive and somewhat blasphemous highlight reel, John Tuturro handing him a Tech U "Shuttlesworth" jersey, and the perks of being a student athlete. In layman's terms, we mean a threesome with two porn stars masquerading as co-eds.

It was a scene that left more than a few young athletes with unmet expectations on their susprisingly dull campus visits, and probably inspired more than a few porn spoofs.

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