Dead Space 3 is hardly a perfect game, but it definitely took the series in some unexpected directions, not all of which are bad. Co-op is the most obvious—and also the best—addition by far, but another one also springs to mind: the weapon crafting.

It came as a huge surprise when EA and Visceral announced that Dead Space 3 would have an advanced weapon crafting system, and many fans—ourselves included—assumed it wouldn't add much to the experience. Most crafting systems are extremely shallow, after all, offering only peripheral weapon augmentations like scopes, larger magazines, and the other standard Call of Duty attachments.

But Dead Space 3's system goes much deeper than that. It allows you to craft yourself the perfect weapon from the ground up. You start with a frame, add top and bottom racks for different types of projectile, then add the tips, which determine how those projectiles are fired. Finally, attachments add extra effects, and upgrade circuits up the gun's stats.

If that sounds a little daunting, don't worry—we thought so at first as well. But once we got the hang of it we quickly discovered a deep and rewarding system.

We don't believe we've mastered it yet, but we feel pretty confident that these ten weapons are some of the best and most fun that it's possible to make in Dead Space 3.