Listen up, everybody: Ryan Seacrest has yet another reality show for you all. This time, though, it doesn't follow yet another member of the Kardashians or a group of rich Persian friends in Los Angeles - according to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will instead focus on ballroom dancing.

Tentatively titled Montecito because it's set in the affluent California community of Montecito, the series is set to follow a group of wealthy women pursuing their dream of ballroom dancing with a group of "working class" ballroom dance instructors. From the description: "For these working-class men, it’s their potential ticket out of the middle class; the question the series will ask is how far will they go to satisfy the demands of their clients." Yes, this sounds like the premise of a bad Lifetime or CW show, but somehow it's made it onto A&E.

Described as a "docuseries" - which means it's going to be "classier" than a reality show - it will aim to showcase the "unique" relationships between the women and their dance instructors.

By now, we're sure you're all itching to know when you can set your DVRs, but the show's only just picked up so that remains to be seen - but at the very least, we know to expect about six riveting episodes.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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