Maybe you've heard about this story. Claiming that mommy and daddy didn't love him enough, a 32-year-old Brooklyn man filed a lawsuit against his parents, claiming they left him feeling "unloved and beaten by the world." Bernard Bey, who's also unemployed and homeless, is seeking compensation to the tune of $200,000 in damages and at least one Domino's franchise.

To be specific, Bey wants his parents to mortgage their family home and buy a couple of franchises, preferably a Domino's because maybe, just maybe, Bey didn't get enough pizza as a kid. Bey explains that the lawsuit isn't just for his own good, it's for the good of his future children as well.

"I feel like my parents should want the best for their children and grandchildren so we have something to pass down for generations so we don't have to live like this," he explained.

As for Bey's parents, well, they aren't having it:

Bey's parents, who live in public housing, said they're not in a position to give up any money. His stepfather named in the suit, Bernard Manley, had some choice unprintable words and maintained Bey is not his biological son.

Bey says that if he and his family can come to some type of agreement, he'll gladly drop the suit.

[via Gawker]