D.C. had a surplus of over $400 million last year, and we can easily identify one contributor: parking tickets. According to WJLA, 1.8 million parking tickets were written in D.C. in 2012, which is a 200,000 increase over 2011. This record number of parking tickets brought the city an extra $90 million. 

That 1.8 million tickets averages out to about 6,000 tickets per day, 400 tickets an hour and seven every minute. Expect this racket to bring D.C. even more money in 2013, as mayor Vincent Gray has already put $450,000 up to make parking and traffic citations that much more of a pain in the ass.

Also, if you get a ticket in D.C., it's in your best interest to pay up. Last week, it was announced that the city will start taking past due fines out of tax refunds

[via DCist]


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