Yesterday afternoon, two young men fell through the ice at Central Park Pond in New York City. Many will wonder what they were doing on the ice, but the answer is simple—they didn't know they were on ice. According to the New York Daily NewsAyang Nyamaa, 19, was unaware that he was standing in the middle of a frozen pond. Neither did his friend, 20-year-old Heyward Latif.

“I tried to climb out, but the ice was over me,” Nyamaa said. Latif was able to climb out of the frozen hell, but Nyamaa was in the water for 15 minutes. A cop was able to crawl across the ice, but he also fell into the water. Fireman Matt Murphy was forced to throw on a dive suit and jump into the water to save them. 

All four were treated for hypothermia at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and Nyamaa and Latif were issued criminal court summonses for "unlawful ice activity" following their release. There are signs around the park's perimeter that warn people to stay off of the ice.

Below is a video of the rescue.

[via Gothamist]