Dyson invaded public restrooms in 2009 with the release of an energy efficient hand dryer called the Airblade. The British company best-known for its bagless vacuums has upgraded its hand dryer and integrated it with a faucet, creating the Airblade Tap.

The new faucet is meant to be used in public restrooms and will make visits to the bathroom more hygienic. The Airblade Tap contains a series of infrared sensors that can detect hand position to deliver enough water for an ample wash. Once your hands are clean, it will automatically activate the Airblade technology and shoot out two high-powered sheets of air, which Dyson claims can dry hands in 14 seconds.  

The engine which powers the Airblade Tap's dryer is extremely powerful. Stored underneath the sink, it's capable of spinning at 92,000 RPM and sending air at an extremely fast 420 mph.  

The Airblade Tap is launching this month and will be available via Dyson's website.  Watch the above video to see Sir James Dyson explain how it works.