Sharissa Turk, the "blue fairy" from the White Trash Clan music video you see below, was busted along with 31 other people as part of a huge NYPD drug bust in Staten Island. Police raided twelve locations and found 595 Oxycodone, 300 Vicodin and Xanax each, 250 grams of coke and 16 ounces of weed. In addition, there were 209 glassines of heroin and $17,000 in cash. 

A loaded handgun was taken from 29-year-old Brian Piscopo, who was accused of selling three guns to undercover NYPD officers on separate occasions in 2012. The suspects range from 18 to 54-years-old, and each will face charges including ccriminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession controlled of a substance.

As for the video, you have to watch it. It'll make your entire weekend.

[via Gothamist]