Mark E. Hasse, an experienced prosecutor in Kaufman County, TX was killed in an employee parking lot near the county courthouse yesterday. According to witnesses, a gunman jumped out of a Ford Taurus and opened fire in movie-like fashion. The suspects were clad in all black. 

Authorities are trying to identify suspects for the murder. The Associated Press says that Hasse was once the chief of the Dallas County district attorney's office organized crime unit, so there could be various suspects. However, the New York Times says they have one strong possible lead:

Kaufman County prosecutors have been involved in investigations of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang. In November, federal officials in Houston thanked a number of local agencies for their work - including Kaufman County prosecutors - when more than 30 senior leaders and other members of the gang were indicted on federal racketeering charges.

A hit on a prosecutor is more likely to create more problems for a gang than it would solve, but all options have to be explored in solving Hasse's murder.

[via Gawker]