Lindsay Lohan's latest onscreen drama is The Canyons, and the word on the street is it's a train wreck—despite the fact that Paul Schrader directed and Bret Easton Ellis penned the script. But some good may come out of it yet.

That good would be James Deen, a porn star who's going mainstream (in a fairly porny way) in The Canyons. Deen has been touted as a new kind of porn star, nonthreatening, cute. Yes, he's physically equipped for gonzo sex bouts but is also kind of goofy and drives the ladies—in porn, and not—wild.

Last Thursday, February 7, James Deen turned 27. So that's cool. You know what else is cool? Ditching your given name (Bryan Matthew Sevilla) and calling yourself James Deen, just because you can. Because you work in porn, and in porn you can come up with your own name or even steal someone else's. Change a few letters to avoid confusion—or don't. It's porn, after all.

Here's our list of the best porn stars who became household names by naming themselves after people who were already household names. Shrewd.

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