The words "porn star" (or, for the classier film connoisseur, "adult film star") instantly generate interest. Let's put it this way: Your girlfriend asks you to take her to see the new Jennifer Aniston movie, some painfully generic romantic comedy in which she plays, let's say, a woman whose fiancé recently dumped her and is trying to mend a broken heart while entertaining a new dude. Under any other circumstances, that plot description would have you trying to convince wifey that you're either sick or stuck in the office.

But what if she finished her pleading with, "Oh, and Jennifer Aniston plays a porn star"? Suddenly, you're logging on to Fandango and making sure the whip has enough gas. So when we say the new independent drama Starlet (opening in limited release today) features beautiful newcomer Dree Hemingway playing an adult film performer, it's really our way of avoiding the film's A-plot, about a young woman who becomes close buds with an 85-year-old curmudgeon who loves playing Bingo.

Disclaimer: Only a few of the films included in the following list of The 25 Hottest Adult Film Star Characters in Movies are actually good, so don't get pissy when you rent, say, I Want Candy and end up wanting to break the DVD in half. It's all about the superficial eye candy here, gents.

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Review by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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