So yeah, THQ. It's done. Its various studios, games and franchises have been auctioned off, and the company will soon be no more. It's a bummer, and our thoughts go out to all those whose jobs and lives were affected.

But as gamers, there's nothing you care about more than the games themselves, so we thought you'd want to know where all the titles that were in development at THQ will end up:

  • Relic and Company of Heroes went to Sega.
  • THQ Montreal and 1666 and Underdog (two games we know practically nothing about), plus South Park: The Stick of Truth, went to Ubisoft.
  • Evolve, also known as Metamorphosis, was picked up by Take 2.
  • Deep Silver got Volition and the Saints Row series, along with Metro: Last Light and other Metro games.
  • And Crytek got Homefront.

The fates of Vigil and Darksiders, as well as the WWE license, are currently unknown.

[via Joystiq]