One of the purest examples of the crime-comedy to ever hit the screen, The Sting is also a must-see for anyone interested in taking a tour through great works in Hollywood history. The story spotlights two professional grifters (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) who attempt to swindle a mob boss. The complicated plot these two hatch up is secondary to their chemistry on screen, as both bring an undeniable comedic charm to each con they pull off.

You can look at what director George Roy Hill managed in The Sting and confidently claim that this is the movie that began the whole crime-comedy genre as we know it today. Scenes like Newman's poker game with Lonnegan sum up the film's unique tone perfectly: It’s never too jokey, nor does it depend on blood and gore; it's simply a sharp, classy comedy that succeeds on the strength of a great script and even better performances.