The pirate-themed adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island faced a unique problem at the time of its release many years ago: you can't have a pirate game without swordfights, but how do you do action-packed swordfighting in a point-and-click adventure game?

Tm Schafer and Ron Gilbert, being who they are, came up with the perfect solution: insult swordfighting. When your swashbuckling opponent flings an insult your way, you've got to retort with the proper response, i.e. "You fight like a dairy farmer!" is followed up by "How appropriate. You fight like a cow."

It's really quite elegant. And now you can live (or relive) all those classic swordfights right in your browser thanks to Karza Games. If only this worked in real life, we'd be a lot more useful in a fight.

[via Kotaku]