We know firsthand how all-consuming Minecraft can be, but Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, who plays the lovable Hank on the AMC drama, has only just found out.

The actor recently joined Twitter, and one of his first tweets reveals the disillusionment he felt upon finding out that his son's "world" is actually made of blocks, not Norris himself.

"My sons "world" was inadvertently destroyed in Minecraft," Norris tweeted. "Sad. I thought I was his world ): #lifegoeson."

Life goes on, huh? Not for all the trees that were planted in that lost Minecraft world.

On a side note, Norris's son should probably join the server run by Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on The Walking Dead. Riggs is a vocal Minecraft enthusiast—he even recently made a skin of his own The Walking Dead character. Wonder what those two could build together?

We think this is hilarious—do you know of any other celebrities who've mentioned Minecraft?