Just a few days after we learned that the former HBO show, Bored to Death, would be getting a movie spin-off, The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that the show’s star, Jason Schwartzman, and creator, Jonathan Ames, would be teaming up for a film project of their own. According to the site, the two friends have optioned Bernard Malamud’s collection of short stories, Pictures of Fidelman, to be developed as a feature.

The stories center on the character of Arthur Fidelman, an art student who travels to Rome during the ‘50s. The site is reporting that the movie version would likely spotlight two shorts in particular: “Still Life” and “Naked Nude.” These two focus on Arthur’s romantic misadventures with his studiomate, Annamaria Oliovino, and his time as a toilet scrubber in a whorehouse.

The plan is for Schwartzman to star as Fidelman, while both he and Ames write the script for the project. There is no release window as of yet.

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[via THR]