Facebook dropped an update for the iOS and Android versions of its Messenger app and it's packed with new voice features. Not only can you send voice messages to other users in the latest version, but in certain regions you will be able to make voice calls.

The app will now feature a big red record buttong that will let users record messages instead of typing them out. Facebook users accessing the network and chatting via desktop or laptop will not be able to record voice messages, but they will be able to play them. Only users of the mobile Messenger app will be allowed to record and send messages. 

In addition to voice messages, in the update Canadian users have exclusive access to Facebook Messenger's free voice calling service. Unlimited calls can be made to other Facebook friends, if Wifi is not available the calls will be made using cellular data.

Start sending voice notes to your Facebook friends by downloading the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iOS here and for Android devices here

[via Macgasm]