There is no doubt that nostalgia is always in vogue, so it makes sense for comic book publishers to put out titles meant to tug at the heart strings of our youth in an attempt to suck even more dollars out of our pockets each week. And today, MTV Geek revealed that DC Entertainment will begin publication on an ongoing Masters of the Universe title, written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Pop Mhan this April.

This title is the latest He-Man book to come from the company, which has released other Masters of the Universe miniseries and one-shots over the past year, but this will be the first one to be a regular series that will come out every month for the foreseeable future. According to the site, the book will begin with the return of She-Ra, who is renamed Despara while under the spell of the evil Hordak. We’re also hoping for Skeletor to show his gruesome face eventually as well.

You can check out the cover to Masters of the Universe #1 by artist Ed Benes below.

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[via MTV Geek]