We were as surprised as anyone when Amy Adams was cast as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Usually these types of movies go for actresses that, while gorgeous, aren’t necessarily known for their dramatic depth. But with Christopher Nolan on as a producer and Warner Brothers looking to actually make a compelling film, the smart choice was made and Adams will be bringing her combination of beauty and talent to the screen this summer.

Now, courtesy of Desde Hollywood (via Bleeding Cool), we have our first look at Adams as Lois Lane in a very peculiar black and white shot in the image above. There isn’t much to go on here, but it’s evident that the filmmakers are keeping her natural red hair intact, rather than dye it to Lois’ typical black/brown from the comics. But, really, after seeing her terrific performance in The Master, they could have given her a buzz cut and we would still be excited.

Man of Steel will open on June 14.

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