Despite the reports from The Wrap that Bill Hader would be starring in the David Hasselhoff role in Paramount's upcoming Baywatch film, apparently that isn't actually the case - for now, anyway. Collider is reporting that the Saturday Night Live star's agent said that this news isn't true, and, as he also reps the film's director, Robert Ben Garant, knows for a fact that the Baywatch script hasn't even been completed yet. So, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are), we're not going to be seeing Bill Hader in any iconic bright red swim trunks just yet. He could, of course, still be cast when the script is completed though.

The film, which is a reboot of the 90's series, will "follow lifeguards exploring an oil rig of the Malibu coast that turns out to be a meth lab." We've gotta say, since Breaking Bad has really taken over the whole meth plot trope - we don't think that Heisenberg would approve of a meth lab in an oil rig.

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[via Collider]