#24–21: Valuan Army

Series: Skies of Arcadia
Debut: Skies of Arcadia
Premise: Prequel

Complex Says: If you have never played Skies of Arcadia, play it right now (or watch a playthrough on YouTube, but don’t miss a minute.) The game revolves around the air pirate, Vyse of the Blue Rogues, and his best friend, Aika. Vyse’s dream is to be the most famous air pirate in all of Arcadia while protecting Fina, a girl that has fallen from the heavens and coincidentally is being sought after by the Valuan Army.

The Valuan Army is tied to just about everything in this game since they have conquered most of Arcadia. A fight ensues with an admiral of the Valuan Army over almost every Moon Crystal you collect, side quests like the one involving Piastol is tied to the army, and they have connections to Fina through Ramirez. The army is seen as all evil despite some admirals being against the plans of the supreme commander, Galcian. By the end of the game, Galcian is seen as the only evil member of the army, which makes us wonder what were the original motives of the empire?

Have they wished to rule over all of Arcadia? A prequel to the series about the patriarch of the family would be happily accepted by us here, because we’d like to see the older members of the army and family in their prime, and possibly explore the skies beyond what was explored in the present game.