Network: NBC
Stars: Steven Pasquale, Alana de la Garza, Ruta Gedmintas, Phylicia Rashad,  Michael Esper, John Carroll Lynch
Premieres: January 31

Why we're excited: It seems like Hollywood is always trying to make something pop with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and most times the result is a mess, because no one knows the right way to execute the good doctor's homicidal alter ego. He's either an overly hulking brute, or a lame, mustache twirling villain. NBC is trying its hand at the classic character with Do No Harm, which doesn't actually reference the source material by name and instead aims to be a modern interpretation.

The protagonist is Dr. Jason Cole (Pasquale), an accomplished neurosurgeon with a deadly alternate personality named Ian Price. We'd love it if they actually pull it off (although we still have nightmares about NBC's awful, similar Christian Slater starring My Own Worst Enemy from a few years back), but that mostly hinges on the execution of Price, and there's a very high chance that the ball will be dropped. Also, we're not quite sure how one maintains an ongoing series with this concept, but we're eager to find out.