Movie: Spaceballs (1987)

In Mel Brooks' Spaceballs, a lighthearted send-up of George Lucas' Star Wars universe, a joke aimed directly at Ridley Scott's decidedly darker, scarier Alien wasn't the least bit expected. But it was most certainly welcomed with open arms and busted guts.

Inside an intergalactic diner, an anonymous customer (played by Alien's actual victim, John Hurt) starts having chest pains before a little E.T. creature bursts out of him.

In Alien, it's a horrifying moment that remains one of cinema's all-time great shocks. In Spaceballs, it's brilliant comedy: After greeting the little monster with, "Oh, no, not again!" Hurt checks out and the mini alien puts on a cute little hat and starts singing show tunes as it makes its way down the counter top. Once again proving that, in the world of big-screen parodies, Mel Brooks is, and will always be, the undisputed king.