Movie: Hysterical (1983)

Hysterical—from the comedic siblings Bill (father of Kate Hudson), Brett, and Mark Hudson, collectively known as, simply, the Hudson Brothers—was really ahead of its time.

Sadly, the years following its initial release haven't been too kind to the 1983 horror-comedy spoof, which has lied dormant in obscurity, not even receiving a proper DVD release. It's a shame, too, because, while by no means a brilliant piece of filmmaking, Hysterical has enough clever horror-centric jokes to make knowledgeable fans of 1970s and early '80s genre flicks chuckle quite a bit.

The film's best joke is a running gag revolving around an old, local nut job named Ralph (Robert Donner), who repeatedly pops up to warn everyone in sight that "You're doomed!" It's a humorous goof on the original Friday the 13th's own Ralph (Walt Gorney), who offers a few stern warnings to soon-to-get-slaughtered folks that the town is cursed.