Movie: Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

Back when Charlie Sheen was a respectably funny actor, he starred in two Hot Shots! movies, a pair of goofy, witty action cinema spoofs. Looking like a poor man's Rambo and acting like a muscular nincompoop, the heroic Topper Harley (Sheen) constantly finds himself in all kinds of dangerous, violent situations.

In the 1993 sequel, Hot Shots! Part Deux, Harley ends up in a gritty, Thai-styled fight that's straight out of the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme flick Kickboxer (Rambo III also gets the cinematic gas face here). By the time the brawl starts, both pugilists are well, if not overly, prepared. Topper shows off preposterous, unnecessary, but funny pre-fight intimidation practices: twirling a lasso, dipping his wrapped-up fists in an makeshift ice cream bar's fix-ins.

Once the match finally begins, Topper's reckless opponent keeps missing with kicks that crash into the beams holding spectators up on the balconies. Audience members crash down upon the commentator's booth and the hard floor. Only a few are able to watch Topper finish the other guy by tickling his stomach and kneeing him so hard in the testicles that actual nuts fall out of his mouth.