Porn isn’t inherently bad. In fact, adult films can be a healthy part of any person's sex life. But like everything else, it's best taken in with moderation.

Recently, one 23-year-old writer spoke out about his problems with adult films. In an affecting essay published by Salon, he describes his descent down a “kink spiral,” and poses a tough question to himself: "Was I more turned on by porn than by real women? What did that mean about my sexuality?"

His answer points to some unsettling conclusions. Of course it's possible to have a functioning relationship with adult entertainment, one that doesn't negatively impact one's romantic relationships. That said, it's well worth considering the ill effects porn can have on one's sex life, if only in the name of, well, moderation.

Check yourself: These are 10 Signs that Adult Films Are Hurting Your Sex Life.

By Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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