Most iconic role: Kelly Collins in Cadet Kelly (2002)
Age: 25
Place of birth: Houston, TX
Most recent project: She Wants Me (Movie, 2012)

Upon airing in 2002, Cadet Kelly became the most watched Disney program of all time. And it wasn't the script or the director or the film festival accolades that tuned viewers in—it was star Hilary Duff, riding high on the success of Lizzie McGuire.

The show had premiered the year prior. Duff could do no wrong, swollen with the kind of success that lets you release a pop LP, which she then did (Metamorphosis dropped in 2003). Duff has released three more pop albums and starred in many films. She also found time to marry an NHL player and create a child with him. The baby's name is Luca. She dropped in March 2012. —RS