Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan is suing the federal government over President Obama's contraception coverage mandate. The "devout Catholic" filed the lawsuit on Friday where he claims that contraception is not related to health because it's "gravely immoral." Monaghan has named both himself and Domino's Farms—an office park he ownsas the plaintiff's in the suit.

Monaghan has always taken a pro-life stance, backing groups such as Operation Rescue, Right to Life, Priests for Life, and the Committee to End State-Funded Abortion in Michigan in the past. However, the company is distancing itself from Monaghan's beliefs and agendas. In the FAQ section of the website, Domino's provided this answer:

Domino's Pizza LLC has never supported organizations on either side of the reproductive rights issue. The corporation and its 1,825 independent franchise owners across the world have one goal: to sell pizzas and grow our market share. We can't accomplish that goal if we alienate potential customers, as this issue certainly would.

The government says that women will benefit from the contraception coverage.

[via Gawker]