Nadia G. is one of those television hosts who is so damn perky that the mute button on your remote isn’t enough to stifle the degrees of annoyance. Her Cooking Channel series, Bitchin’ Kitchen (described as a “comedy cooking show") was picked up after producers saw her same-named web series that she launched in 2010.

That’s the thing—Nadia’s personality, as well as her obnoxiously colorful kitchen that’s decorated with things like naked baby dolls, is more fitting for a comedy web series that can be viewed in small doses. On television, where episodes are more than ten minutes long, her personality comes off as mostly grating rather than endearingly outrageous. Furthermore, the whole punk-rock Julia Child image she’s trying to emulate becomes more like an extra insufferable Rachael Ray, if Ray bleached her hair and raided Sephora’s Urban Decay aisle.