This just goes to show that no matter what country Big Brother airs in, it's always going to attract the most annoying weirdos. This year on Big Brother Australia, cast member Estelle filled that role in the house. Though she seems to have good morals and claims to dislike anyone that’s “cruel to animals, racist, sexist or homophobic,” she managed to cancel all that out by doing stupid shit such as galloping—like a horse!—around the pool and talking to herself for no apparent reason.

As if that's not enough to affirm her weirdness, she also had a toy stick horse that she would carry around, which cast member Zoe broke in half. Because, as Zoe sees it, Estelle is a 24-year-old woman and shouldn’t be acting this way if she ever wants to function in normal society. Estelle, heartbroken over this, put a splint on it and bandage it up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the same to the time we lost watching her be so ridiculous and immature.