Donald Trump has never been known for being a likeable, nice guy in business or on television, and his behavior this year really did nothing for his public image.

The way he conducted himself on Celebrity Apprentice was fine—same shit, different season. But off-screen is where he really stood out. It’s no secret that Trump is a Republican—he was one of those birther guys calling for President Obama to release his birth certificate—but during this years nail-biter of a presidential election between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, Trump really turned up the stupidity on his Twitter feed. With tweets ranging between everything from attacking Obama and his policies to musing that he may for president himself, one had to wonder if he was doing all right because he was starting to sound real crazy.

Here’s the best part, though: Reportedly, his kids grew so worried about his public image that they staged a sort of mock intervention in his office last month and told him to stop criticizing President Obama because it was hurting his career. And when these guys are telling you to be less of an asshole, you know you’ve got a problem.