Occupation: Actress

With a name like Rebel (among siblings whose names are Ryot, Annachi and Liberty), the 28-year-old actress was bound to become one of the most buzzed about women in Hollywood. After buoying performances in two of the most hilarious movies of the past two years, Bridesmaids (as Kristen Wiig's oddball roommate with the infected worm tattoo) and the underrated Pitch Perfect (as Fat Amy, the a cappella group's one-liner machine), Rebel Wilson has established herself as a comedic force to watch out for.

To break down her appeal, we'll put it this way: she's one-part the best friend you wish you had, one-part the perfect wing girl and two-parts the life of the party. You just can't help but enjoy watching her on screen.

Kicking off 2013 with a supporting role in Glee's Chris Colfer's coming-of-age romp Struck by Lightning, Wilson will also star in the Michael Bay action-comedy Pain and Gain, film the ABC pilot for her self-written sitcom Super Fun Night, and host the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. —Tara Aquino