Frequent any of the Apple stores in New York City and you'll see a varied mix of shoppers. People from all corners of the country and globe flock to the temples of Mac to gawk at the latest wares. But according to BlueStacks, a California company that enables Android apps to run on Windows and Mac OS X, the average female Apple customer has a pretty discernible look. 

The company conducted a survey of its 1.1 million Facebook fans and took some data from Nielsen to put together an infographic that shows what how the average "Ms. Mac 2012" looks. What'd it find? Well, according to BlueStacks, Ms. Mac has black hair, glasses, freckles, and wears t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. 

BlueStacks VP of Marketing, John Gargiulo, said Ms. Mac 2012 is "pretty hot, if awkwardly dressed." Too bad the data shows she's more than likely to be married. Peep the full infographic below. 

[via TNW]