One current drawback of Microsoft's Surface tablet (Of how many? Depends who you ask) is that it's almost impossible to find the damn thing.

Microsoft is only selling the tablet at its own retail stores, of which their are barely more than 20 in the entire country. If there isn't one near you, your only option is to buy the device sight unseen.

That could change soon, however, as Microsoft is reportedly planning to expand Surface to more traditional big box retailers in time for the holiday season. Paul Thurrott of WIndowsITPro says that he's heard from unnamed Microsoft sources that the company is planning to launch a broader distribution of Surface "within days."

It's not yet clear where Surface will pop-up, but Best Buy seems like the obvious move. Microsoft had always planned on selling via big box retailers at some point next year, but it looks like they've adjusted those plans to take advantage of the holiday rush. Oprah followers will be very pleased.

[via Mashable]