We're all familiar with the phrase "elegance through simplicity." As you'll see in this video, it is a mantra that Matthew Henson, Market Editor for Complex Magazine, lives by. When it comes to personal electronics, it's the quality of the product that matters in terms of performance, but it's the accessories that matter the most when it comes to style. Here are a few examples:


There is a wide breadth of options when it comes to headphones. Deciding which are right for you all depends on your personal vibe. The denim headphones Matthew sports just so happen to match his jeans and lend a subtle contrast to the rest of his wardrobe.

Smart Phone Case

Forget the phone, focus on the case. After all, most smartphones look a lot alike, so how you dress said phone will set you apart and make a statement about your personality.

Smart Phone Wallpaper

These customized layouts for your phone's touch screen not only provide excellent designs at very high resolutions.

Laptop Skins

Good laptops these days already have a sleek and simple design. The right skin can preserve this sensibility, while also preventing your computer from unnecessary nicks and bruises.