Google recently expanded its Google Music service with a "scan and match" update that allows users to store their music online. And best of all? It's free!

The new addition to Google Music is very similar to iTunes Match, which is offered by Apple. Simply by scanning your computer's music library, it grants you online access to matching songs on Google's servers, and subsequently cuts upload time in half. If a song from your computer is not on Google's servers it is then uploaded to the user's online locker.

Apple's iTunes Match provides an online locker size for 25,000 songs and upgrades songs to iTunes quality for $25 a year. Google's "scan and match" allows users to re-download songs at the same quality, only the locker is slightly smaller, storing 20,000 songs. 

Will Google's new "scan and match" update be able to contend with iTunes Match?

[via Huffington Post]