There's probably not a geek alive who wasn't looking forward to seeing the trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim yesterday. But the truly nerdy among us were in for another treat within the trailer when the voice of our favorite murderous AI, GLaDOS, popped up for several lines.

What's the deal with that? Watch it again above—that's definitely GLaDOS.

Well, according to Forbes, it really is GLaDOS. Voice actress Ellen McLain lent her talents to Pacific Rim, and then, for some reason, they ran her voice through the exact same modulations as Valve did for Portal and Portal 2, making the film's AI sound all too familiar.

Do you think it's going to distract from the film to have GLaDOS pipe up every so often? Will you be expecting the AI to be revealed as the real villain all along if the voice stays as it is?