WBTV News: Portal 2 Makes Fun of Adoption

Talking Heads: Brigida Mack, Neil Staple

Air Date: May 17, 2011

Reason Why It's Dumb: Suggests that games can't ever say anything mean to the player

The father in this report who was offended by Portal 2's orphan-related taunts aimed at the player are kind of legitimate. He's got an adopted daughter and despite being clearly recognizable villains, the subject matter could be hurtful or at the very least unsettling if his family wasn't ready to deal with his adopted daughter's origins yet. However, it is neither the responsibility of the game's creator to censor their vision of the game, nor the reporter's duty to seek justice for the sake of his hurt feelings or the awkward situation.

There have been countless examples of orphan heroes in popular books and movies - Harry Potter, Batman, and even Aladdin deal with their parentlessness in their adventures - but none of them have ever been made to answer for it. If the father truly hoped to shield his daughter from the inevitable reality of her situation, he probably should have just played the game before handing it to his kid. Hindsight may be 20/20, but hounding Valve for making an orphan-hating villain is not the answer.