Fox News: California Violent Games Ban

Talking Heads: Chet Pleban, John Pertzborn, Randi Naughton

Air Date: June 29, 2011

Reason Why It's Dumb: Saying that the constitutional right to sell and purchase violent content automatically overrides parental authority

After the Brown vs EMA ruling back in 2011 that said there was no basis for the legal banning of video game sales to minors, most news outlets treated it with the respect it deserved. Fox News on the other hand thought it would be a great time to pull out one of their "experts" to talk on the subject with no counterpoint from the games industry and discuss how the dismissal of the law gives children the right to sue their parents if they take away their violent games.

In addition to the ridiculous hyperbole spouted during the segment, they also fail to mention that as it stands most game retailers do not sell mature rated games to minors and that the industry does a pretty solid job of policing itself. For them, the fact that movie theatres willfully prevent admittance to children seeking adult films is good enough, but games need special laws in place because they're somehow magically different than any other form of entertainment.