Hurricane Sandy may have caused a drop in violent crime, but burglary has certainly been a problem in the wake of the storm. A Staten Island man was recently arrested for impersonating as a Red Cross worker to steal from evacuated homes. 49-year-old Alonso Manzo donned a red and white Red Cross jacket to make it look like he was helping victims. 

He was spotted by police peeping into windows Friday evening, and though he claimed to be part of a humanitarian organization helping victims, he did not have any documents to confirm this. He admitted that he was not a member of the Red Cross, nor was he present to help anyone. Police found six pills on him, which appeared to be methadone.

He was charged with second degree criminal impersonation and seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Marzo has a criminal history dating back to 1986, and was arrested earlier this year for grand larceny after stealing a vehicle from a repair shop.

[via NY Daily News]