It's time for you to put the back of your iPhone to work. 

PopSLATE, a case designed by Greg Moon and Yasha Behzadi, utilizes the same e-ink screen technology found in the Amazon Kindle to turn the back of your iPhone 5 into a second display. The case is powered by the phone, but only uses juice when the image on the display is changed. 

Adding various picture displays is just the beginning of what you can do with a popSLATE case. You can also personalize the e-ink case to display notifications, maps, to-do lists, and speaking notes. 

The popSLATE team of Moon and Behzadi is looking to raise $150,000 on crowdfunding wesbite Indiegogo. So far it's raised $61,000 with 47 days left. Peep the video above to see the case in action. If you're interested and want to help fund the project, head here.

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[via Wired]