Cheater: Kobe Bryant
Date Of Affair: News hit May 2008

The last thing Kobe Bryant needed was another scandal, not just because he was in the middle of the 2007-2008 NBA playoffs but mainly because, as we all know, the All-Star guard had to dig deep to keep the peace with his wife Vanessa after the disastrous 2003 sexual assault case. But there was reporting that Laker Girl Vanessa Curry, an 18-year-old dimepiece, was allegedly getting alley ooped off court by the Black Mamba (how Kobe didn't get the two 'Nessas confused is some MVP shit right there...if the affair did actually happen, that is). Moving more swiftly than vintage 1980s Lakers' "Showtime" fast breaks, the organization got rid of the fly Curry stating she left to pursue a "hosting career."

The Catholic school grad (Lord help us deciding which fantasy would be better, the cheerleader or the naughty school girl), popped up again in 2010 as a new member of The Pussycat Dolls (add that one to the fantasy list, too).