People love a good scandal, and there's nothing juicier than when celebrities step out on their significant others. Whether it's a politician, athlete, or actor, if there's infidelity involved, the story will sell a whole lot. Our culture is a celebrity-obsessed one, and it seems like every other day a new story of adultery breaks.

And lately, it's especially in vogue.This Friday, the last Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, hits theaters, starring one of the most famous cheaters in Hollywood, Kristen Stewart. There's also the recent news that David Patreaus, the now-former Director of the CIA, was engaging in an affair with his much younger biographer, Paula Broadwell.

Clearly, no one on the following list of 15 Celebrities Caught Cheating has read George Orwell's 1984, because if they had, they'd know one harsh truth: The paparazzi—the real world's version of Big Brother—is always watching.

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Written by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)