American McGee

Studio: Spicy Horse

Notable Games: Alice: Madness Returns

Weird Hobby: Building Scooters

In China, one of the best ways of getting around is by way of electric scooter. Cheap, fuel efficient, and sturdy enough to handle the bustling city traffic, the streets outside American McGee's Shanghai studio are flooded with them. To him it only made sense that he'd build one of his own.

His passion started long before he ever got into game development, working as a car mechanic for a long time before starting at id Software. However, it was a peculiar law in China that prevents foreigners from owning gas-powered scooters that got him building his own electric one. With a top speed of 50 mph, and a battery life that survives his 7 day/week commute, it's a pretty clever way of getting around the rules.